About Us
www.calaw.cn is created by the Research Centre for Constitutional and Administrative Law of Renmin University of China. Its purpose is to provide the centre with a platform to exhibit the research results, to provide abundant research materials for legal persons in public sector such as legislators, executers, judges, prosecutors, lawyers and to propagate the achievement of China’ constitutionalism and the new progress of legal research to foreigners as quickly and accurately as possible.
www.calaw.cn is the superlative domain name in China. The first letter C stands for constitutional law, and its second letter A is the abbreviation of administrative law. The main columns of our website include the following: Activities of Our Center, Bulletin of Our Center, Scholars of Public Law, Forum of Constitutional and Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Law Review, Case Studies, Legal System of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Public Law Information, Focusing on Hotspot, Legal Essay and Title-tattle and the Constitutional Law Society of China.
www.calaw.cn has made a notable impact in domestic legal circle, especially in the field of constitutional and administrative law, since it was set up in 2003. The content and form of our website will be improved continuously, and we hope our website will be the front line of theory research and judicial practice of national constitutional and administrative law, will be an influential and acknowledged specialized academic website both at home and abroad and then contribute a share for the construction of the rule of law of socialistic China and legal research. 
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