·Zhang Zhengzhao·Han Dayuan
·Hu Jinguang·Yang Jianshun
·Mo Yuchuan·Li Yuanqi
·Zhang Xiang·Wang Guisong
·Yu Wenguang·Wang Xu
·Cao Liu·KIM Young-Wan
·Pi Chunxie·Xu Chongde
Prof. M. P. Singh's Lecture on India's Constitution and Constitutional Law
Platform of Great Judge〕Jiang Bixin: Judical Reform and Innovation of Administrative Act System
Prof. Xu Chongde was invited to attend the meeting on Hongkong and Macao
Pfro. Han Dayuan and Zhang Xiang Attended Commemoration on Qing Dynasty's Constitutional Program
Pfro. Han Dayuan As One Member of Handred Jurist Gave A Lecture of in Shanghai
New Peleases
MORE>>Forum on Constitutional and Administrative Law
· Forum on Constitutional Law and Judicial System
· Pro. Takahasi Kaziyoki's Lecture on the Current Situation and Tas
· Academic Proseminar on Compraing Constitutional Law Education bet
· Prof. M. P. Singh on theCreation Development of India Judical Re
· Commemoration on Qing Dynasty's Constitutional Program
· Judge Jiang Bixin gave a Lecture on Judical Reform and Innovation
MORE>>Constitutional Law Study
· The Functional Design and Supervisory Practice of the Special Committee of the Local People’s Congre
· The Third Party Effect of Fundamental Rights in Germany
· Theoretical Approaches of Abolishing Death Penalty
· 兼论宪法“总纲”中政体条文的修改
·[ZHENG Xianjun] The Constitutional Meaning of Social State Duties
· A preliminary study on the power of investigate to the Supervisory Committee
MORE>>Administrative Law Study
· On the Necessity of Legal Protection in the Administrative Litigation
· The Nature of Administrative Promise and Judicial Review
· Government Research Funding and the Right of Academic Activities
· A discussion on the theory of invalidity of administrative act and the counterpart’s right of resist
· Study on the Relationship between Various Judgment Modes of Administrative Agreement Litigation
·[Wang Guisong] On the Interest to Sue to Disclose Public Information
MORE>>Law Review
·[Kong Dewang] Studies on Legal Amendments as means of Revision to Laws
·[ZHAO Qian] Mutual Aid and Self-sufficiency: The Community Relationship and Function of Land Reclamation Regulat
·[ZHAO Qian] The Co-governance’s Construction of Land Consolidation Supervision System: Based on the Perspective
·[YANG Fan] With China characteristic socialism guiding the implementation of the Constitution
·[YANG Fan] Modern Chinese transition logic and complex target: From the concept of "culture" in the constitutio
· Comments on Legislation and Jurisdiction An Enlightening Reading
MORE>>Legal System of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
· Application of Constitution in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
·[Qin Jing] Judicial Activism versus Deference:The Ways and Developments of the HK Court of Final Appeal in Adju
· The Concept of Freedom of Expression and Its Limit——A Comparative Study on the“Flag Desecration Case
· 《一国两制白皮书》解读之二
· The Practice of the Doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens in Hong Kong and Its Inspiration to Mainland
· Constitutionalism Analysis on the Case of Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong by the Court of Fina
MORE>>Legal Essay
· 泮伟江
· 王琳
·[Li Changgeng] Analysis on National Governance Modernization in the Context of China
·[Li Changgeng] Initiative Reform:the Ideal Choice of Chinese Social Transformation
· 追忆许崇德老师二、三事
·[LIANG Chengyi] School Civic Education Based on the Rule of Law
MORE>>Public Law Information
· 2018年3月13日在第十三届全国人民代表大会第一次会议上NEW
· Administrative Law and Accelerating the Construction of Law-abiding
· 2015年3月8日在第十二届全国人民代表大会第三次会议上
· Report of China‘s Public Tendency of Populism (2012)
· 在中国共产党第十八次全国代表大会上的报告(2012年11月8日)
· 2011年10月29日第十一届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第二十三次会议通过